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Vallesinella waterfalls, such a sight!

by Riccardo

If we talk about Trentino, the immagination runs immediately to its lovely mountains: the water in there is a key factor that enhances the beauty of the locations. What better than a waterfall? It’s that simple: a frozen one! Let’s discover together a real gem in the group of Brenta Dolomites, the Vallesinella waterfalls in winter season.

How to get to Vallesinella

Vallesinella is a cute location not far from Madonna di Campiglio. Here, in the valley that carries the same name, there are three levels of waterfalls. All of them are very nice, but probably the most spectacular one is the middle one, called Vallesinella di Mezzo. Once we arrive by bus (or by car), all we have to do is walk towards Vallesinella street, that will take us in the forest and from there to the mountain farm of the same name. It’s a lovely walk that we can do in every season: the awakening of the forest in spring, the freshness of alpine summers, the bright colours of the beech trees in fall… in winter it shows a kind of magic nuance because of the snow and the feeling to be somewhere deep in the north. Please mind you: in case the road – and following paths – is covered in snow or ice, you better get geared up with ski poles, snow cleats or snow shoes. Otherwise, all you will achieve (unless you want to break some bone!) is the view you see here below.

Towards Vallesinella di Mezzo

  • Vallesinella di Mezzo - LoveTrentino (credits Riccardo Pasquazzo)
  • Vallesinella di Mezzo - LoveTrentino (credits Riccardo Pasquazzo)
  • Vallesinella di Mezzo - LoveTrentino (credits Riccardo Pasquazzo)

Just before we get to the Vallesinella mountain farm, an arrow to the right will show us down and will lead us to a refuge, called Vallesinella di Mezzo. It’s a relatively simple path without major issues, and it ends right before the waterfall we wanted to see! It’s the most impressive jump on the path of this branch of Sarca river. It starts its way under the Corna Rossa Rock and the descent is about 100 meters of gap. Here is the best part: thanks to a soft layer of rock that dissolved earlier, we can walk behind the waterfall. It’s a wonderful experience! In winter there are extra dangers to be aware of, so maximum care and silence are in order here (without forgetting the snow cleats!).

Vallesinella di Mezzo - LoveTrentino (credits Riccardo Pasquazzo)

If we want to make a change on the way back, we can come full circle by choosing a lovely path (later a forest road) named ” Sentiero Dell’Arciduca” after the archduke Albert of Hapsburgh – Teschen who was hosted in Madonna di Campiglio in 1890. Yes, this location was frequented by the high aristocrats of the Austro – Hungarian Empire. But that’s another story… and shall be told another time.

Start: parking Spinale
Paths indications: follow street Vallesinella, then mark to Vallesinella di Mezzo and sentiero Arciduca
Lenght: circa 7 km (forth and back)
Excursion time: abt 3 hrs
Family: 👶👶👶 (no pushchairs)
Pet friendly: 🐶🐶🐶
Ideal season: ❄️☀️🍂🌸

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