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Lake Tovel and Turrion Basso: the diamond and the pearl

by Riccardo
Turrion Basso - Love Trentino (Credits Riccardo Pasquazzo)

In the depth of Brenta Dolomites, a stonethrow away from the light coloured peaks that assumed in time the name of Pale Mountains, we can find two natural jewels that just can’t be ignored: lake Tovel, easy enought to access, and Turrion Basso, only for people with some strenght in their legs. In places like these, the autumn season and its changeable colours (also known as “foliage”) really cannot be missed!

Tovel, quiet mirror

Let’s choose our traveling way ahead of time on here and then all we have to do is enjoy ourselves! Such a view! This lovely alpine lake originated by a series of relatively recent landslides that blocked the Tresenga creek stream about 1598. In the early morning There’s still no one: it’s cristal clear, peaceful, immaculate. We admire its stunning beauty before to move forward to our higher goals!

One wonder after another

Walking up through the dirt road, we notice some meadows in this valley shaped in steps. In one of them is the mountain farm named Pozzòl. The view starts to get broad, the valley becomes more visible now and the eyes can wonder through the layers of the mountainscape as we leave the depth of the forest behind us. It’s a marvellous sensation!

The mountain farm Flavona, spettacolo autunnale

Many other lovely views are ahead of us: from Pozzòl, we wander towards the meadows of the mountain farm named Flavona, preceded by the so-called “wooded pasture”: in those areas the cattles can find shelter from the summer heat in the hottest hours in summertime. in this very moment of the year, the show is provided by the larch trees. Everything is submerged in the golden, dreamy light of the canopy, whereas around us is just silence and peace, interrupted just by the birds, or the bark of some scared roe deer…

In sight of Turrion Basso

If we want some more reasons of wonder, the track takes us over the cottage towards the places named Flavona’s field. It’s an highland where in its center we can spot a lonely rock, protected by the high mountains around it like a pearl in the oyster. We are admiring the Turrion Basso, that can be approximatively translated as Lower Tower! It’s a rocky pinnacle, stocky and isolated, surrounded by a rarefied larch trees forest. All around it, in this period of the year, yellow is the colour of the land, deep blue is the sky above, and inbetween the white of the first snow and the pale grey of the Dolomites.

Turrion Basso -  Love Trentino (Credits Riccardo Pasquazzo)
Campo Flavona e il Turrion Basso

Immersed in the ageless silence of these wild places we recharge ourselves for the journey back. Not far, other paths are intriguing and inviting us, to enjoy different and more aerial views, like the Benini iron path. But that is another story… and shall be told another time.

Start: parcheggio lago di Tovel
Indications:  lake path – dirt road indicated SAT 0314, then from Pozzòl SAT 0371
about 17 km
Hours required: 
ca. 6 hours (overall)
btw 1180 and 2000 m a.s.l.
Family friendly: 👶
Pet friendly: 🐶🐶🐶
Ideal season: 🌸☀️🍂

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