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Lake Tenno, emerald and turquois nuances

by Riccardo

What’s your favourite color? Perhaps the green tones of flowering meadows and ancient forests? Is it maybe the light blue of the sky and the still waters of a lake? What if today we took you in a place that can gift you with both? Ready, steady, go! Let’s go to lake Tenno then.

Once upon a time in Tenno

November on the lake

But why here? The question requires a little explanation. About a six centuries ago, there was in Tenno area a little valley with meadows and scattered woods. In that period, forgotten natural events caused a great landslide from the near peak named Cima Salti, creating a huge well. This happening changed forever the course of Rio Secco creek; the valley was flooded, the fields went lost and it seemed that nothing could bring back what was dragged away.

But that was far from true. With tenacity and immense patience, the people from the nearby settlements started to cultivate those hostile lands made of gravels, building dry walls, roads, farmhouses, factories of bricks and tiles. In the following centuries, this hill merged with the surrounding landscape. Grass started growing again, new woods were raised, birds came to set their nests on the shores of what would be named Lake Tenno from then on: a star was born.

Lake Tenno and its unique colors

This lake has some very peculiar charateristics that make it a really unique item in the Trentino region. The neariness with the mountains where the creek comes from gives it a really clean waters. When the lake grows bigger after the winter colds and the snow of the mountains melts down, its colour changes radically. From the green tones of winter season it goes to turquoises, looking so different you could hardly believe it’s the same lake.

Lake Tenno and its unique features

A real gem of this lake is the little island. Although is very small, lake Tenno hosts in his few hectares of surface this little hill that, like a local Mont Saint-Michel can be attached to the firm lands or be scornfully away from it. This can happen only thanks to another peculiarity: the level of the waters in the lake can seasonally increase and decrease by few meters, and this alters its aspect remarkably.

Another singularity of this lake is its proximity with Canale di Tenno, named on the list of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy. This unique combination driven the Municipality of Tenno to start a project to improve the area, by creating a tibetan bridge on Rio Secco creek (work in progress!), and by transforming the area into a “protectet land”, so there will be restrictions – no open fires, no bikes, no free camping. It will become as well part of an “open air museum“. But that’s another story.. and shall be told another time.

Parkings: here, here, here and here
Path signs:  touristic indications all around the lake
Lenght: about 3 kms
Duration: about 1 hour (total)
Height gap: none around the lake, about 40 steps down the street.
Family friendly:👶👶👶
Pet friendly:🐶🐶 (no dog beach)
Ideal season:🌸☀️🍂❄️

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