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Canyons in Trentino, five unmissable locations!

by Riccardo
Canyons in Trentino - LoveTrentino (credits Riccardo Pasquazzo)

We’re used to hear about the wonderful canyons located in North America. Just the sound of the word makes us shiver, we see ourselves on the edge of a ravine in the Rocky mountains, or next to the Grand Canyon in Colorado. However, we’re wrong if we think that those ancient valleys, carved by creeks and rivers, are an exlusive feature of the great North American vastnesses. In Trentino, nature and time chiseled deep gorges and canyons that have nothing to envy to the rest of the world. Let’s have a dip in the insides of Trentino canyons. There are many, but those 5 are our favourites!

Orrido di Ponte Alto, Trento

It may be horrid by the name, but this suggestive corner near Trento is pure marvel to discover. The Orrido di ponte Alto in Trento is an artwork of human mind along with nature. Among the canyons in Trentino, a visit in this peculiar hidden world, left aside for such a long time, has a particular charm. The effect is complete once, at the end of the journey, you’ll pop out from behind the waterfall after a descent into a winding staircase dagged out into the red stone of the mountain. Thrilling!

Here you’ll find our descriptions of our visit to Orrido di Ponte Alto

📍 Check Maps hof to get to Orrido di Ponte Alto.

Varone Waterfall, Riva del Garda

Nature oasis few kilometers from Riva del Garda, the visit route will let you through the canyon via three different passages. The origins of this place are in the dawn of times, in the Ice Ages . Through thousands of years, thanks to the workings of rolling pebbles, gravels and sands, the canyon was created. Where the waters met frial stones it worked intensely, where the rocks were harder the work was more laborious and refined, giving birth to bends, turns, tunnels of different dephts. The main jump overall reaches nearly 100 meters of depth.

Here you’ll find our descriptionof the journey to Varone Waterfall

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Canyon on Rio Sorna and Ponte del Diavolo, Rovereto

“Pont del diaol”, a zigzagging path , 19th century’s mines, ancient mills ruins: here’s the perfect recipe for an adventurous afternoon in the wild side of Trentino. Among the 5 proposals we will show you here, the Sorna creek canyon is the least known one. It’s located on the east side of Mount Baldo, little mountain chain that divides Lake Garda from Adige river. The rumble of the creek, first far and gentle, then more and more resounding as we get into the ravine, is the soundtrack of this adventure where you’ll discover the old mills and contemplate a bridge over the canyon. The tale reports that this bridge was built bythe Devil itself. The colour of the waters in the pits, the weathered boulders and rocky walls, the sounds of old crafts unveil the soul of these places.

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Teh three waterfalls formed by Ruzza creek in Sajant, Garda Trentino

Garda Trentino still hides some less known places. The ravine of rio Ruzza and its 3 waterfalls, not far from Lake Tenno, reveal unique, beautiful features. Here the rocks, the waters and the sky merge into a natural hug ! The fantasies of water sprays and the severe nature of the cliffs find their best union in the waterfall environment. Near Ballino little burg, an easy walk will allow you to admire from below the environment of the 3 waterfalls and for the brave ones, to admire on the ferrata “Signora delle Acque”, in the heart of a lovely scenery on Garda Trentino.

📍 Check on Maps how to get to the beginnig of the path to the 3 Warterfalls on Rio Ruzza

Here you’ll find all the info.

Love Trentino - Signora delle Acque (credits Riccardo Pasquazzo)

Limarò ravine , Valli Giudicarie

Limarò ravine, with its thousands of years long story gifts us with natural artworks weathered in stunning shapes and colors. Where does its italian name “Forra” come from? Where is located the Limarò ravine? We went at the discovery of this rather unknown path and its enormous potential given by the beauty of the glimpses you can get from the panoramatic terraces. It’s a place surrounded by wilderness; unlike other mainstream and high-end trekkings, this one falls definitely in the cathegory of undertourism trekking, really appealing but little known. Come with us and discover the Limarò ravine in the Valli Giudicarie area in Trentino!

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